What are your office hours?
We are open from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

How do I start a service request? It’s easy to start a non-emergency service request online. Click here to begin.

What if I have an after-hours building emergency?
Call our 24 Hour Emergency Line, direct cellular service for maintenance requests, at (415) 487-3697.

Where is the CitiScape office located?
We are at 3450 3rd Street, Suite 1A in San Francisco, CA 94124.

What is your phone/fax number?
Our phone number is (415) 401-2000.
Our fax number is (415) 695-2999.
Our 24-hour emergency on-call number is (415) 487-3697.

Where do I mail my HOA dues payment?
Please refer to the address shown on your coupon book.

How do I make my payment online?
You can do so easily, just click here.

How are my HOA dues used?
Assessments are used to pay for common area maintenance and repair, and for the day-to-day operations of your association. Assessments are based on decisions made by your association and are detailed in the homeowners’ association budget which is mailed to you annually.

I lost my coupon book, how do I order a replacement?
Please contact Michelle in our Accounting Department at (415) 401-2096 or mgroft@citiscapesf.com

Which forms can I access online?
* Emergency contact form
* ACH forms
* Change of address form

Can CitiScape Notarize documents for me?
Yes! We have a Notary Public on staff. Contact us to arrange to have your documents notarized at our office.

I am re-financing/selling my home, how can I obtain disclosure documents (CCR’s, Bylaws, Demands, HOA Certifications, etc.)?
CitiScape has contracted the fee based site www.homewisedocs.com to complete all transactions with regard to the sale or re-finance of a unit. Should you have any questions, please contact Disclosure Documents Manager Emily Hemphill at (415) 920-2025 or ehemphill@citiscapesf.com.

If you have any questions regarding the download/completion process, please feel free to use the HomeWise “online chat” feature, or you may contact them by phone @ 866-925-5004.

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