Other Resources

Elevator Consultant
Jack Arns is an elevator consultant and has been working with Citiscape for the past 5 years.  With 28 years in the elevator industry he is aptly experienced to help your HOA’s with any problems regarding their elevators or elevator contractor.  Jack has been successfully converting the HOA’s current elevator contracts over to a much more beneficial and performance-based Citiscape Elevator Maintenance Contract.  In many cases he has saved the HOAs thousands of dollars.  Jack also works with our HOAs regarding any future modernizations of their elevators. If you have not done so already, give Jack a call and have him review your elevator maintenance contracts or to discuss your concerns with any elevator contractor.

Kevin Wiley says, “Jack Arns of Architectural Elevator Consulting has saved our clients thousands of dollars per year and negotiated terms to existing elevator contracts to better favor the HOA.  Without qualification, I want to share with my colleagues in the management industry this outstanding service, raising the tide and lifting all boats, for our clients.  I’m more than happy to discuss specifics with anyone who might be interested in understanding how Jack has made CitiScape look like it walks on water when it comes to elevator service!…” Give him a call today!

Living Assistance – San Francisco Village
San Francisco Village (SFV) is a non-profit membership organization that empowers older adults to remain in their homes as they age. In November 2009, CitiScape and San Francisco Village created a new program for older adults living in the San Francisco apartment and condominium units managed by CitiScape. The development of the program was prompted by the growing needs of the 900+ older people living in buildings managed by CitiScape. This first-of-its-kind partnership provides social activities to prevent isolation and access to services that enable independent living, including delivered meals, transportation to medical appointments, routine checks on personal welfare, and assistance for many other services—all with a single phone call. Read more about San Francisco Village here.

Pilera Software, LLC is a national community management software company.  Thousands of communities have chosen Pilera to help them streamline operations and gain a competitive edge.  Excel joins Pilera’s growing customer base of HOA’s, condo associations, townhomes, self-managed associations, and multifamily management companies.  With this new partnership, Pilera is excited to work with the team at Excel to help enhance their customer service activities.

BuildingLink is the gold standard for property managers looking to enhance the total experience of people living in, working at, or managing luxury, multi-family residential properties. Its innovative web-based platform offers the ultimate in efficient management, flawless communication, and enhanced resident-living experience. BuildingLink is also a recognized industry leader in adapting and integrating state-of-the-art technology in over 5,200 buildings worldwide.