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Soma Grand Property

SoMA Grand

1160 Mission Street
246 residential condos, 2 commercial, garage

The SOMA Grand is a mixed-use development including a 246-unit Class A high-rise luxury condominium community, 2 commercial units and a garage. Amenities include 24-hour security, onsite management and concierge, club room, fitness center, yoga room, conference center, and spa.

Upon assuming management, CitiScape was able to enhance the existing amenities and services while reducing the costs considerably. One board member shared, “I am on our Condo Board and we changed management companies to CitiScape [in 2010]. They have done a great job, both in the care and maintenance of our building and in the customer service they provide. Our building is high end and the residents are demanding. The front desk staff are efficient and unfailingly pleasant and knowledgeable. They handle every problem, large or small, with a smile. The large team of behind-the-scenes people keeps the place humming. I would highly recommend CitiScape to any building looking to change their management.”

Museum Parc Property

Museum Parc

300 3rd Street
233 residential condos, 7 commercial, garage

Museum Parc is a mixed-use development including 233 residential units, 7 commercial units and a garage. Amenities include 24-hour security and onsite management. Upon taking management, CitiScape has worked with the Association to improve fiscal health including: reducing the number of units in collections, improving the HOA’s performance to budget and building up reserves. Many of the major system have now been modernized and there is positive and regular communication to homeowners. One homeowner praised us saying, “We love the proactive positive approach. Fully professional in every way.”

77 Van Ness Property

77 Van Ness

38 residential condos, 3 commercial

One homeowner stated, “We have traveled a great deal over the world and have frequented The Intercontinental Hotels as our place of choice – when we were considering buying a place in SF, my wife made a very direct comment about her concerns one evening as we were in the new ICH in SF (Howard & 4th). She said if we buy a place, she didn’t want it to feel like a step down from what we got at the ICH. I really thought that we would not be able, based on this comment, to find a place that could compete with a beautiful new hotel with top notch service. We were so wrong! [My wife] and I stay at our condo about 1 weekend per month and then a week or so every few months. [Our Community Manager] is a phenomenal…part of, 77 Van Ness. Our neighbors are great too… We feel like we are part of the 77 Van Ness Family and we truly want you know how much a part of this feeling is BECAUSE of [our Community Manager]…he is like having a personal Concierge service at the condo – there to help if you’d like, but otherwise he is also good at staying out of people’s business. We love it – thought you’d like to get a positive note!”

1907 Leavenworth Property

1907 Leavenworth

12 residential condos

A homeowner stated, “I want you to know how much [my wife] and I appreciate your and Deb’s help regarding the water damage and insurance claim at our flat on Leavenworth — this is a very unfortunate and difficult situation but with your help it has made it so much easier for us — I have also been told by the Safeco adjuster Douglas Beauchamp that he has never worked with a better company then CitiScape nor better people then you and Deb — Deb seems to get especially high marks but after working with her I can understand why–I know it’s still early in the game but I just wanted to give you a pat on the head and say thank you.”