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CitiScape is dedicated to providing you with prompt, professional service.

Requesting NON-EMERGENCY SERVICE from CitiScape is easy! Utilizing our methods for service requests of any kind will allow you, senior management at CitiScape, and your Board of Directors to better monitor performance and timeliness of resolution to your specific requests.

We also have a 24 hour emergency line for property threatening emergencies.

What’s Not An Emergency?

Any situation in which the safety and security of the property and/or its tenants is NOT compromised, and/or does NOT require immediate action. These situations are more a nuisance or inconvenience.

These events are considered non-emergencies:

  • Lost unit keys / locked out of unit
  • Power out in one unit only
  • Water out in one unit only
  • Satellite or Cable out
  • Garbage not picked up
  • Unauthorized use of parking space
  • Landscaping issues
  • Accounting issues
  • Disclosure/Sales/Refinance

How to Request Non-Emergency Service

There are several ways to request NON-EMERGENCY SERVICE:

For Property Threatening Emergencies

Please contact our 24-Hour Emergency Line at (415) 487-3697.

Call 24 Hour Emergency Line