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Prioritizing the Safety of Our Communities

The CitiScape Life Safety Department operates a program for our clients centered on fire prevention and minimizing loss of life and property damage in the event of a fire, medical emergency or natural disaster. This department is led by two former SFFD Fire Marshalls: Captain Fred Walsh and Assistant Deputy Chief Paul Chin. The program is designed for both fully-staffed high-rise buildings, as well as unstaffed condominium and apartment buildings.

Life Safety Program Overview

The following is a description of the program, which is designed to educate and train building staff and provide a written evaluation of the building/staff/resident readiness:

  • Describe the Active and Passive fire protection components of the buildings.
  • Describe the initiating devices and how they work.
  • Describe the immediate need responsibilities of on-site building staff in the event of an emergency incident.
  • Describe the action plan of a medical emergency in the building.
  • Describe the initial investigation sequence of a building alarm.
  • Know the types and locations of all exits.
  • Understand the basics of interfacing with the fire department (medical v. fire).
  • Describe the importance of evacuation drills and how to conduct a fire drill.
  • Understand fire department operations in the event of a fire in the building.
  • Understand how to use an on-site fire extinguisher.
  • CPR and first aid training is available.
  • Know and identify the most important keys in the building.
  • Describe the building elevator recall procedure.
  • Understand and identify the emergency needs of the elderly and physically challenged.
  • Describe good fire prevention habits.
  • Know safety questions to ask sub-contractors doing work in the building.
  • Understand the importance of fire code compliance.
  • Describe some simple earthquake preparedness guidelines and understand how to perform a post-earthquake building survey.

Life Safety Program Leadership

Fred Walsh, SFFD (retired)

Fred was born and raised in San Francisco, attended Riordan High School, Creighton University, and entered San Francisco Fire Department in 1979. Fred served as aTemporary Battalion Chief in all geographic areas of the City, and retired at the rank of Captain. Fred is the current High Rise Fire Safety Director Instructor for City College of San Francisco.

Fred worked as a Lieutenant on Rescue Squad 1 and Rescue Squad 2, is a Certified Confined Space Training Instructor, State Certified Fire Safety Officer for fire ground operations, Emergency Medical Technician, Hazardous Materials Technician and a Specialist, Heavy Rescue 1 certified.

Fred worked on duty during the Loma Prieta Earthquake, and was on duty a Lieutenant during the Oakland Hills Firestorm. He is also a current CPR and First Aid Instructor.

Fred was named San Francisco Firefighter of the Year for 2008, and was honored at a formal banquet in June of 2009.

Paul Chin, SFFD (retired)

Paul worked in the San Francisco Fire Department for 33 years. Paul held ranks of Lieutenant, Captain, Battalion Chief, and Director of the 911 Dispatch Center. He retired at the rank of Assistant Deputy Chief – Fire Marshall. In this position, he was responsible for the Fire Prevention and Arson Divisions of the San Francisco Fire Department.

Paul worked as a Training Officer at the Fire Academy, is a certified NERT, CPR and First Aid Instructor, Homeland Security, Water Rescue and Safety Director. Paul worked in every district of San Francisco, giving him a working knowledge of demographics and structures.